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help 1994 polaris indy 650

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Can you please help me I have a polaris 1994 indy 650 liquid cooled, and been trounle shooting it allot wont idle but will run with back fire, and flames out tthe carb intake and exhaust, went through the engin cleaned the carbs and rebuilt the fuel pump fuel is getting to the engine good so carbs are good no problems, and good compression and spark its a triple so allot of problems but anyways it keeps backfiriring when you get it to run wont idle and will barely run idk why my friend and I were thinking the engine timming could be off so the keyway could be broken not sure what it is or what to do untill I find out what it could be pleaee help me with this thanks!
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The 94 had mass-fire, crossing plug wires shouldn't be an issue.

Flames out the carbs is usually a lean condition, but your crank may also be out of phase.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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