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Help!!! Bent Trailing Arm!

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What an IDIOT I am! Just had to take the 600X out tonight to get 300 miles on it so I can get my checkup before my Michigan trip and bent the right side trailing arm. Question is, Can I straighten it or should I just replace it? It doesn't appear to be real bad but then again I have never bent one before so I don't know. The weld up front is kinked out and the arm itself is bent out the opposite way not much but enough that it's noticable. Thanks for the input.
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Depending on how bad it is, you should probably replace it, if the weld is cracked.

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replace it. Life could get a little too interesting if you hit something else and it bent more or broke it.

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Yes i agree the same thing happened to me. Replace it even since its on a new sled. Because if the weld is cracked you won`t go very far. one of my welds was cracked and it felt off. My w
Replace it!!!! if for no other reason than your ski alignment will not be right. The sled will not handle the same as it used to. And as these guys are suggesting, the arm is now weaker than it was before the bend...and if you bend it back, it will just get weaker. I would say save yourself some time and frustration and just replace the T/arm. You could always save the old one for use as a spare.

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Replace it! I did one of mine last year. :(
It's not that bad of a job.

Watch out for those gaurd rails!!!!

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Thanks for the advice. I decided to replace it. I figured what's a $140 when you spend what a new sled costs now days. I did keep the old one and am going to straighten and reinforce it just in case I need it in a pinch. Any ways thanks again for the input.
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