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help, i've busted 3 belts today alone.

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hi, i am just getting my '87 skidoo mx, out for the first time this year. it is a new skidoo to me, the firts belt was shot, so i put on the spare and blew it, then i put on a differant one, and it went.
It seems to be too loose, and it vibrates, until it breaks, at high speed. They all seem to go on prettey easy, the same whay you put a bike chain on. If i had the right belt, how hard should it be to put it on. Or what belt does it take?
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go to Fleet Farm or a dealer and get the right belt. Belts go on real easy if you get the secondary clutch to open up, impossible if it doesn't. Have you checked alignment and center to center distance?

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check your engine mounts. THis happened to a buddy of mine on his Phazer when an engine mount was missing a bolt. Soon as he threw in a new bolt it stopped. He destroyed belts before he fixed it.
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