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"HELP" no fire in the 3rd cylinder

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hey guys im in wilmar mn and finally riding, thats the positive but one slight problem... my sled is bogging out of the hole, i mean sometimes i even have to get off of it to get it moving. But the weird thing is that once i get going about 20 mph's it feels like a huge power surge. I checked the plugs and only one of the 3 are wet. Im thinking that cylider might not be firing right away??? If thats the case how can i fix this? or what are some other possibilities that would cause this bogging??? PLEASE REPLY any help will be of use

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What type of sled???? If its an XLT all 3 coils are wired in series and all three spark at the same time (wasted spark on the other two cylinders.) Dont ask me why Polaris did this, kinda bad design i think. Soooo Anyways... most likely its a carburation problem or a bad plug.

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nope its a rxl 650, any knowledge on it helps.....
hmmm....are you for sure getting spark on all three??? If you are then i would say too rich or new plug. What color are the plugs? I cant really think of anything else. Have you done a compression test on that cylinder? Check all three with all 3 plugs out and compare. If they are all within about 5 psi of eachother you are fine. umm...cant really think of anything else. get back to me.

Need some darn snow people.
ooooookkkkkkkkkkk sorry Me being retarted again. i just realized that you are getting more power at high end. This still could be a compression issue because good compression helps at lower rpm's. Anyways....Are you sure of how you have it clutched? Did you change anything from last year? Is your belt riding 1 to 2 mm above your secondary? Do you have a cracked bell housing on your primary?? Ok now get back to me. :)

Need some darn snow people.
umm havent checked for spark but i will in the morning, too rich....???
ill check that stuff in the morning, then ill get back to u
try changin the plugs. Try runnin it w/ the hood up, maybe the hood is contacting the wire and shorting it out. I've had that happen on my AC b4. bring it in to get it tested, runs great cuz the hoods

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First off fellas, lets try to keep the topics in the right forums...i moved this topic to the "Shop" where it belongs.

Now onto the problem at hand, you should first replace the spark plug, if that doesnt fix it, then move onto the spark plug cap....if that doesnt fix it onto the spark plug wire, then onto the of those has to be your problem....check them in that order and you should find your problem.

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RXL's - Make sure you have a new, fully charged battery.
Shoot...I forgot about the battery. Yup. Check that bad boy first. I know guys that have had them tested, and they checked ok, but they just bought a new one anyways and it fixed their problem.

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I had the exact problem with an piped Ultra 680 engine. I took off the carbs and completely went over them. Set the floats, needles, slide position, everything. This helped but still 1 cylinder sometimes wouldn't kick in until over 5000RPM. Found it to be low compression which is causing bad burning making the plug wet. Check the compression first before you mess with the carbs and plugs and batteries and anything else.

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Or get rid of the fuel injection and go to carbs. No more batteries causing lean burndowns.
Im with RXL...I think that carbs are the best. You can do more with em and trust me...I like to tinker!!!

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hey guys thanx for the replies i got home and took the bastard apart and cleaned it up and the piece wouldnt even start after that so its in the shop for now. Ill get back to you when i find out what the problem was.
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