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I need to buy studs tomorrow and I am not sure what size to buy. My sled is a 96 polaris ultra sp with a stock sized polaris track on it. I was told that .875 studs are too short and that I should go bigger, but I dont want to go so big that I risk ripping up the tunnel. Who knows what length to get? Thanks
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I have a 96 Ultra but I bought it allready studded. I just went out and measured and if this helps they are just under an inch long from the top of the washer to the tip of the carbide. 15/16" I would presume they were one inch when new.
Your probably right about the .875 since your lug height is probably around .9. Call your local dealer. The Woodies chart says you need
1/4 to 3/8 penetration. My quess is 1.075 to
1.175. No matter what size you put on make sure you get tunnel protectors installed. Like I said call the dealer to find out. Your sled may have tunnel protectors already
but I doubt it.

1999 XC500
Your track might be the .91 which would call for at least 1" studs. 1" will not give you a lot more bite, but will help some. If you go too big there are other issues, such as more leverage is harder on track, and possible damage to front cooler.
I went with 1" on my XC 700sp and also used Sno-stuff X-Caliber Ultralite backers. Even though those backers creep down more on the stud, limiting traction slightly, I like knowing that they are holding the studs in place so I'm not throwing one through my front cooler or ??.

Here's something I have learned through the years. I know its not the topic but i theought i would throw my .02 cents in anyhow. You should run alot of picks, I probably just started a war somewhere, but i feel that if you run to few you will have Alot of pull outs i useed to run 96 and had a track full of holes.switched to 144 and am glad to say i havent had one pull out yet.same picks and backers.

Your track should be a .810, We have put 1.075 studs in our Ultra's. I am switching to a 1' track and am putting 1.175 studs in it. I wouldn't go any more than 1.075 in your track, if it is still the stock track. Is there anything done to your sled? pipes,etc?

you are only gonna go 1.175s? you should always go .25 more than your track. So for a incher 1.25s. That is the best for bite anyway. My dad runs 1.175s on his .92" track Viper. My uncle runs 1.25s on his 1" track with his 2002 ZR 800.
Runner- I just installed pipes two weekends ago, thats the reason for the studs. I have the Dynoport pipes with the triple mufflers, and bought the Dynoport clutch kit. It all seems to work well together, but now, even with 168 studs my biggest problem is traction. What is done to your sled? Got any traction?
whatever stud you get make sure it has the larger diameter head. Most have a smaller head, but with that engine, studs are more prone to tear out.

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I like Saber Stainless steels. They lose heads and all but every studs does. They work. There are also the Saber Warthogs.
on my piped Polaris Ultra i've got the large heads and never had a tear out.

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Well Racerboy I have to confess, I may not stud my track this time. I trail rode it today with that new track and it really hooks up. Stops straight as well. I get some spin on the side of the rode, but, not nearly as much as I thought. I had the those dyno's on my sled, lots of power, but too loud for me. I now have SLP's, V Force reeds, and a clutching tuned by the local guroo's, not sure exactly what they did to it. RPM's top out and stay at 8200. I love the sled, just wish I had some more suspension.

Runner- Do you know what jet sizes you are running, and what temps and elevation you are at? I am running 420, 420, 410, which sounds like a bit much, but in 5 degree weather the plugs look pretty good. Also, how is your suspension setup? How much thread do you have showing on the front limiter strap bolt and what are your RRSS set at? Sorry for all the questions I'm just trying to get this thing set up right.

By the way the studs I put in are 1'' Woodys carbides with the large diameter backs, thanks guys.
Racerboy, I'm running 390(PTO side) 370 and 370. My needle's are set at 32 from top. I have an Erlandson white spring in the drive clutch, I want to get a Polaris almond one though. My front limiter is as far out as I trust those nuts to stay. My RRSS is set at low and in the back hole. '96 Ultra's only have one hole. If no one has done so you can drill a 2nd hole in your rail and move it back. Find a '97 with xtra 10 and you can check it out. Don't mind the questions, it's cool talking about a sled that people still have. Where are you riding?

Runner- I ride in vermont, and some lakes and fields around connecticut when its cold enough. If you don't mind, here is my email, I have some more questions and stuff, and like you said its nice to talk to someone with your same sled. [email protected]
Now this is what having a forum is all about. Helping each other. Doesn't get any better than this B-)
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