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Help with differences XCR and XLT

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I currently have a 98 XLT Special 600, and one of the pistons has lost compression. Now It could be a just a ring that needs to be replaced and/or I'll need to bore it out, and/or the top end needs full replacement. I have a friend who has an 95 or 97 XCR 600, I'm not sure the year once I'm told I'll update. He blew out the bottom and the top end should be in relatively good condition. The question being could I take the XCR top and put it on the XLT's bottom to have a complete engine? Also, any idea to where to get new gaskets and piston rings? I'm relatively mechanically inclined but new to snowmobiles.

Please all and any help is welcome. Thank you in advance for it.
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pretty sure 95 will NOT inter change , due to it being a low port motor, the 96 up may werk,, best way to find out is to go to BABBITS . COM , check the part numbers between your years to see if they are the same,, if I were you I think I would pull the 98 apart , find out what's damaged , find out why it happened , and fix that ,, why go backwards 98 was a good year after all the factory updates Babbitt's dose sell parts ,, parts pit stop and sportmart are vendors ,, good luck
Compare component numbers to make sure they are compatible across years; if it were me, I'd take apart the 98 to discover what went wrong and why.

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