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help with speed?

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Hi, I have a 99 XC 700 Sp. I an still a university student so i don't have all that much money. So with that being said, does anyone have some suggestions on what is the best way to gain speed that won't leave me speeding for a loan?
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Clutching and pipes are your basic upgrades. Pipes should get you a good deal of HP out of that machine and the clutching will make it go how you want it like more top end speed, or lower ned torque.

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Im not sure if that sled has roundslides but if it does and you are mechanically inclined, the best seat of the pants improvement that ive used are UFO's. Their a little tricky to set up, but once you do your milage will go up and your pull any where from 10 mph to 70 mph is drastically improved. Best bang for the bucks. Then once you get them on, a clutch kit to match your new mid range power.
You can remove a layer of head gasket.But beware of Willie Hold.

What are UFO's? Other than those flashing things that land in my back yard.
Are they air filters or something?

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UFO=Ultimate Flow Optimizer fit on the bottom of the round style slides where the cut out exists and smooth the air/fuel through the venturi of the carb.

Here's a description and pic (at bottom of page):

I think.... therefore I sled
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I'd go with what erick said, clutching and pipes. If that costs too much, then just a clutch kit can even help get a little more out of it. Erlandson Performance and Hot Seat just to name a few, or you can always do trial and error on your own. Good luck.

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That sled has flatslides or D slides. Not sure which.

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1999 xc sp 700- 2-39mm keihins

When in doubt- Throttle out!

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