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Here is how to post pictures

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erick, it seems folks like me are having trouble posting pictures. Allow me to give a brief instruction. Hope you don't mind. Correct me if I'm wrong.

To post pics:
Email your pictures to erick at [email protected] and he will reply with a URL. Post a reply in the forum, and click on the yellow button with the mountain on it, and enter the URL that erick sent you. Simply....when you know how to do it!
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You can also send the pictures to Polaris-Man at [email protected] He will do the same thing...

Can someone tell me how I successfully linked the picture of the Redline Sled on my topic in general? Is the problem related to the size of the picture?? It seems wierd that some pictures link and others do not.

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Hey Nice, it's just a matter of whether the site url you link to is public or not. Lots of sites only allow members on that site to view the pic, whereas Redline's official site would definitely be public to the entire Internet, for obvious reasons.

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