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Here we go again...sleds being banned

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well fellow sledders i thought i would share this article with you. If you guys/gals do any riding in the U.P. of michigan please take the time to read this article. I hope these people will see the light of day and realize what snowmobiliers do for thier winter economy, but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Here is the link for the article.

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that is a bunch of crap, one guy goes on a crusade to ruin a way of life that generations have enjoyed-snowmobiling.
obviusly this individual has never riden and must have such a boring life he feels he needs to ruin it for everyone, id like to have a few words with that guy.i am sad for all of you that are having your beloved trails barricaded by a bunch of beuocratic b.s. they have nothing better to do than ruin it for us, iowa hasnt jumped on the bandwagon yet, we have trails throughout our state parks, with one park in particular has 45 miles now, and by next year over 100, not much but better than nothing, plus all our river(when they freeze) and the ditches that get groomed, i really feel for you guys
I don't understand why people have such a problem with sledding, I have a creek that goes behind my house (less than 100 feet) and sleds are going around there full tilt at 3 and 4 and 5 AM and nobody ever hears them.

I have come home at 4 and 5 AM a few times and driven right by my parent's bedroom window, then purposly given it gas to see if I could wake them, but no avail. So I don't know what these people's problems, are. They should just shut the hell up, if they can drive cars, we can ride snowmobiles.

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It's a typical situation that happens all too often. All of these righteous individuals are doing their part to make it a better world for everybody. That translates into banning anything they don't have any use for. I guarantee that if somebody did a study for air or noise pollution, we'd all find out that lawn mowers are a bigger offender of both. But, none of the tree huggers are going to even think about trying to ban lawnmowers, because they use lawnmowers and therefore see their value to society. But snowmobiles have no value because they don't enjoy them.

There are hundreds of activities facing similar problems because of a few clowns that know what's good for us. Gun owning, hunting, motorcycle riding, car audio, high performance car modification, classic car restoration and hundreds of other hobbies and activities have a bunch of people trying to get them eliminated.
I think we don't have much to worry about. It won't take long for these towns to see that their tourist money is dropping quickly. Money speaks louder than anything or anyone!

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I'll be sure that I have plenty of gas in the sled so that I can bypass Marquette this January.
If everyone or even 50% of the people that sled in the area would avoid Marquette I think the locals would start to side with the sledders.
The tourism dollar speaks loudly in the North Woods.

I happen to live in a high price neighborhood. Most of these idiots are just ignorant they think they can save the rest of the world by banning sleds dirtbikes 4wheelers. One neighbor inparticular hates recreational vehicles, why I do not know. I may irritate him more than needed. But saturday he was out useing his 2stroke loud ass leave blower for hours. When he was done I yelled over "and you think my fu*k - n sled is annoying you rightous bastard."
He don't like me anyhow.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote> I yelled over "and you think my fu*k - n sled is annoying you rightous bastard."
He don't like me anyhow.[/quote]

Ya think?

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we have alot in common wryjoker, i wouldve done the same, RIGHT ON BROTHER, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! anyhow, some of those ritzy a-holes should pick up a garden rake and do it the old fasion way, thats how i rake leaves. good exercize anyhow
The good ole fashioned way......hmmm, Just think back to your grand parents or great grand parents, what did they have to mow the lawn with???? a push style rotary rake leaves with? a work the garden with? a hoe, etc etc. Musta been nice and quiet back then when everything was done by hand. Hmmmm, there must be a reason we invented the power mowers, rotatillers, and leaf blowers....and that reason might just have something to do with getting work done faster so we have time to go play. And my idea of playing is to ride my sled. Oh and i almost forgot...what about them pesky snow throwers....what would your neighbor do if we got them loud, noisy, polluting, rock thowers banned....your neighbors wouldnt like that, they might have to do some work. Needless to say that the internal combustion engine is here to stay in recreation form or in work form. I for one say that if they try to ban our sleds we go after their snow throwers....
if they take my sled, im takin their snow thrower. This could mean war.

Sorry for the long post just had to get all that out there.

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What the bloody #e(( are they thinking?!!? Sledding is bringing in a lot of money, if they ban sleds, why not ban like concerts or stuff that makes noise but makes money!?

Ride Snowmobiles, baseball, bowling, and golf require only ONE ball!!
Just a comment I too have a leaf blower, but I use the mower to pick up the majority of leaves then use the blower to finish. He walks around sucking up one leaf at a time ( I laugh ) takes for ever.
Progress is important I am glad I don't rake like years ago. Why is it ok for one area to progress and not another? Just a bunch of rightous Jerks that is all.

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