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Was wondering if anyone had suggestions for my 96 ZRT 600. The beggining of the year I had a tune up and had the oil pump ajusted because the thing was sucking oil like crazy last year, 100 miles to a tank of oil. Now this year I was fouling out quite a few plugs. Someone suggested putting the bypass plug in. This is one that bypasses the kill switch this also bypasses carb setting or something? So after I did that it ran good for about 40 miles. The next day it was hesitating and missing almost when I would get on it. The plugs this time seemed to be alright so i am confused. Dont really want to take it in becuase I have spent enough money on it this year and have bairley rode it. Was thinking of by some carb cleaner to put in the gas. Is there anything else that I could try? Thanks so much.

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