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Hey this place is nice!!!!!!!!

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Hey all I am new here. As you can tell I have zero stars notched into my cowl. I must say this a very nice change, compared to the other forums. I am a member at AMSNOW and its getting to the point over there that I think guys are afraid to ask a Question. In fear of being ridiculed. Myself included. The only thing I see wrong with this forum is that I dont see many Yami guys. Come on guys make some noise, let me hear ya!!!!!! I love all the gadgets that can be used with this site. It will take me a week to figure them all out. Anyway I hope to get a chance to rap with you all. I am from New Hampshire.. Nice site guys, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the site. you will find no bashing or ridiculing around here. it is a very friendly site with tons of knowledge on any question you may have. have a great time and pray for snow.

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Welcome to the site!

There are a few Yamaha guys around here, I'm sure you will find out who they are pretty quickly!

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Welcome to the board! Have some fun, post lots and remember to always try to keep things respectful and no bashing......we love it here and hope you will too!

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i second what intended said, welcome aboard, have fun, and dont be afraid to post,
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