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First a little background.
A buddy at work bought an Autocar truck and is restoring it and turning it into a fifth-wheel hauler. The engine he wants to use is a Detroit diesel (two stroke). He found one in a firetruck in Kentucky. We went down last weekend to get it and drive it back. The thing ran awesome and he was very happy. Well, here's the problem. We only made it to Indiana. A bearing in the turbo went out, which took out the seal too (exhaust side). It's dumping about two gallons of oil through the exhaust about every ten miles.

What we want to do is pull the impellers on the turbo and just run on the blower. I'm not sure if anyone has worked on these before, but what we need to know is how do the impellers come out.

Sorry for being long-winded, but had to explain a little more in depth.

Oh, we'll be deleting the turbo oil line for the trip too.
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