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Kicking off my search the past few days and I hope that you can help.
I’d like to acquire a couple of OMC sleds to restore this summer (2014) for happy fun times come winter :)
I’ve never owned a Snowmobile before, but am fairly mechanically inclined and have access to a decent spread of tools.
I’m hoping to spend around $500 a sled (post restoration), so I’m obviously looking for sleds that need a lot of work.
I’m from toledo Ohio and we obviously don’t have much of a sledding season here, but that doesn't bother me much.
Dave dave’s “guns554” on photo bucket has profiled pretty much what I’d like to do this summer, his work is simply Awesome!
Thanks for taking the time to check out my post, and in advance for ANY advise/guidance you can offer.

Heres my generic “flyer" for any of the classified/craigslist sites;

I’m writing in response to the posted ad for your OMC snowmobile.

If your easy going and don’t care about my life's story then just skip to the last paragraph.
This is a “generic” copied and pasted note prepared by me, to help explain where i’m coming from and what I’m after.
Sorry to make it such a long note, but i’d like you to know i’m real, sincere about purchasing, and not a scammer/bot.

First off, I’m a f/t Fireman from Toledo Ohio. I’ve been laid up at home (in my recliner) since last december with a ruptured disk in my neck.
I had surgery on April 15th and everything is fixed now , and i’m looking forward to a smooth and speedy recovery.
All this time here in the chair , I’ve been thankful to have the internet to help pass the time.
Well , last week I came across a restored 1972 Johnson Rampage online, and instantly fell in love with the thought of buying and restoring a couple of these sleds for my family to enjoy next winter. I’ve never owned a snowmobile, but when I was a kid, a neighbor had few snowmobiles (no clue what kind), and often invited me to join him to go sledding with him. And it was always an absolute blast!
I’ve spent the past few days researching the OMC sleds, and am only getting more “hooked”.

Right now i guess my dream machine would have the body style of a 65-67 skee-horse, with a closed dash (covered/concealed engine like 70’s model skee-horses), the paint scheme of the rampage; Matte black top with glacier blue bottom, and orange highlights/skis. And the 73’ 399cc 30hp rampage engine with electric and manual start, and reverse CVT.
With some hard work and perserverance I will build this machine (or something close to it ;)).
Pretty sure I’ll have to go with stock (or oem specked) everything but the power plant. in that area I was thinking i may be able to use a honda, rotex, or yamaha but not sure if that’ll fit my budget.
As a “noob” when it comes to small engines, I really like the appeal of the simplicity of the 2 vs. 4 stroke engine. But its also apparent, that you gain significant HP and MPG with the newer Engines.

Last Paragraph -
Driving from Toledo Ohio,I’m Sure it will be a long trip for me . These Sleds and parts are obviously hard to come by (especially in Ohio),
but I’m serious and committed to purchasing, and don’t mind a little road trip every now and then. I’m horrible when it comes to bartering, so please let me know if my offer is out of line. Also, I’m not asking for a break, just your consideration that I’ll be spending quite a bit of gas money to come to you (understandably this is my decision). Thanks for your time, hope to see you soon.

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Thanks Nate
heres my latest

(Update) Ok I just picked up 2 1969-70 Evinrude Skeeters wt models and can't wait to tear into them. I'm still running at half speed d/t recent surgery, but should get things moving soon.
I've set up am album on, and have started to get some ideas together for a paint scheme.
I'm leaning heavily towards refurbish vs. restore. mainly because of the cost involved for parts r/t my location.
i'm trying to get my my message out far and wide so please forgive the copy pasta if you've seen my post on another site.
after digging in and starting to catalog what i've got i'm feeling a bit nervous, but am still looking forward to the tear down.
the tunnel on the 69 looks really rough,
looking more and more like a refurb vs. a restore.

definitely plan on porting the exhaust to the rear of the sled, will obviously have to play with this on the bench, and see what works best for noise and performance.


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