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High Performance Twins??

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The new variable exhaust valve twins are nice, but I really do not know what all of the hype is about. I have a 1996 XLT SP triple with a clutch kit. I raced a 2001 Artic Cat ZL 600 twin on a 200 yard strip this weekend and came out on top. It wasn't by much, but I beat him. Not once but 4 times.
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Hype?? These new twins outrun or run with any triple (except t-cat) on the lake, and I defy you to find me a triple that can even dream about hanging with them on the trail. I have a 2002 MXZX 800, box stock, raced my buddies 96 MACH Z, from a dead stop I blow him out of the whole and pull on him like crazy till the race doesn't matter, from 40 I get 2 sled lengths to 105 or so.. from 65 I get about a ski lenght on him... in any twisty on any day his best my worst he can't touch my twin. Lightweight twin are better than sliced bread!!!!!!
hahahaha. dooman, if bragging up twins like that isn't a way to guarentee action around here, i don't know what is. the most die hard triple guys i've ever seen will call your shot. i'm a twin man myself, and the variable exhaust is just a way to get more performance out of a sled so people think they need a new one over their non-exhaust valve motor. and probably for good reason, these things put out more power with valves, and while i didn't race that zl, i can vouch for their superiority.

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Not another twin vs. triple argument PLEASE! We all know that straight line speed has a lot to do with specific set up and not on whether its a twin or triple, valved or non-valved. There are traction issues, suspension issues, jetting issues, etc... Sometimes weird things happen though. Last year I was amazed at a buddy's '01 XC 500sp (bone stock). This thing could fly! We lined up 7 sleds on a lake and he was the only one stock--the rest of us were at least clutched and studded. We had two marks (500 ft & 1,000 ft). The line up included: (2) SRX 700's, a T-Cat, XC 800, ZRT 800, and my XC 700. At 500 feet I was in last, but the XC 500 was neck and neck with the rest. By 1,000 feet we had inhaled him, but I only beat him by a few sleds. By the way, both SRX's won every time, with the T-Cat just behind, then the XC 800, ZRT 800, and then my slow butt. That was one fast 500 though!

Good call six. I personally have always believed that it matters where you ride to judge which engine is better. I personally love the twins with either Polaris' varibale exhaust or Cat's APV. (which rocks on the ZR 600) I am not one for screaming 95 across a lake mostly because it am too light to keep the sled down. I am a torque lover.

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I am also on the twin side of things. The day I first rode my 00 500 XC SP, I was riding with a buddy who had a Formula III 600 with a stinger kit on it. I had him on every aspect that the trail could throw at us. Even on the long straights I could still pull away from him, may have not been by much. But on the lake I could hang up to 85 and then the triple took over.
I dont mean to bring up an old topic but what the heck. you raced a sled six years old. as far as to what is the fastest comes down to how much nerve do you have and how good you set you suspension. on the dyno a tripple will likely pull a little more closer on the small engines and the gap grows as you go bigger. your all to wonderfull twin makes a whopping 136hp the 2002mach z and xcr pull around 155hp. find a mach z or xcr closer in age and you will be in for a big suprise. for a lake race you dont have the water capacity of a xcr you will burn down before he is done creeping speed.
just my two cents I would be couriouse to run on a lake with you just for fun I am not starting nothing. dooman800that is
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i hate triples. had one for a week and that was enough for a lifetime.

There's no stopping Arctic Cat........ REALLY!!

'99 XC SP 500
madcow, what do you mean by water capacity? You mean how much coolant the system can hold, right? If so, I wouldn't mind racing any triple across a lake with my twin.

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just a ntoe for dooman lots of older Mach Zs plain out suck. I know a guy who has one. It ran great when he got it but over time it just got worse and worse. He can never get it to hookup well or just plain run great. You could have easily raced a older not well running one. And sleds do wear out sometimes. Everything things were a little worn and maybe not in tip top shape like your BRAND new sled?
I mean in heat echanger capacity. I am not sure what the mach z has but the xcr has the one in front of the track the two in the tunnel and the two big ones like the xlts on the floor boards. the twin I had was missing the ones on the floor boards. running at wot for very long and you need all the surface area you can get.

look at the bore of a twin of the same ccs. you have more surface area of piston against the wall for cooling but there is also a lot more piston for that heat to get from center to water to travel threw. I know the center piston is surounded hot water from the other two. the new tripples water flow different than that. they changed the water flow and increased cooling ability so you dont even have to stagger jet anymore.

I get sick of people saying they hate there old tripple but love there new twin and how much power it has. the 96 fuji held strong at 118 the 2002twin was 114. the new sleds are clutched more aggresivly from the factory than they were 6years ago. the little weihgt difference might make up a couple hp at the most. the bearings and chains are alittle more efficient over the years.

what twin do you have?? just for fun next winter we should meet on a lake and play give you something like a 5 second head start or start equal run the same speed until you top out... come on eric!!!!I weigh 250 and my pig wieghs at least 60lbs more than your light twin.

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lots of twins don't have the extra coolers cause they are more weight and unneeded. If you think the oens on the XCRs are big you should see any Modern yamaha. They have big running board coolers.
What size is your sled? I will race you any day. My little twin still has over 130 hp. It can take out a triple. I am not saying I dislike triples, I am just saying it doesn't really matter what anyone says these days about twins vs. triples. Heck, I will give you a head start. My twin will easliy climb to 110 on the speedo. It can easily hold that speed. That is what it is designed for. To be dependable and powerfull.

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On another note, do you realize how moded that '96 fugi is? Pipes and all. Not to mention reliability, it isn't that great. The new Polaris twin 600's make 116 HP, with stock everything on them and are super reliable. Companies such as Pro-5 Racing changed over to twins for thier enduro races because they make more power and are just as reliable as the triples. They are pushing over 150 hp out of those twins. I am just saying why twins are here to stay until 4-strokes take over. Just my $.02

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I love triples but I have to say I agree twins are here as the dominant engines and will be for a while. They earned it though so good for them...
well, for my type of riding no triple would have a prayer of keeping up, and curves don't play a large part around here- lightweight with great power to weight ratio does. i had a clutched, studded, 98 xcr 600, and my stock 99 xc sp 500 (non-ves) took it for a cakewalk- twice. the guy riding the xcr (dealer) about had a stroke. pretty funny i thought. and yes, weight does make a large difference in performance- even to the average rider. maybe not so much in straight line acceleration as jumping or curves, but tack an extra 70 lbs on my xc and i'd have to shoot you.

'99 XC SP 500
Fox shocks stickers- 15 hp
handlebar hooks/riser- 10 hp
red skid plate- 10 hp
red hyfax- 5 hp
running board/edge grips- 20 hp
i wish i had a twin. but i dont so i stick with my triple. now that the thing is rebuilt and running killer i will get on the lake and race.even tho by next year ill have a newer sled. there is only one twin that i know is a dog and thats in the AC Jags. my lil liquid 340 tx-l can walk all over a 440 jag. i would love to be able to get me a newer 600 or 700 twin. 1 less cylinder to have problems with, Can Make tons of hp,and the aftermarket capabilities of the twins are pretty much endless now. try finding stuff for an old 600 triple that isnt used. this is just my opinion.


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hehe!!! dude, i gave my girlfriend my old 92 jag deluxe f/c 440!!!! hehehe
i loved that sled, for what i did with it, it is slow yes, but it was the most reliable sled i have ever had. It all depends what you want out of a sled. It is great for her. And the gas mileage... OHHHHHH the gas mileage! my zrt 600 burns about 3 times the oil and 5 times the fuel as the jag. lol. you could ride for weeks on that thing. and its got like 6,000 miles on it and still running fine. and it was only $1,000. I bought it last year with 4,200 miles on it. the jag is only a single carb also. comparing the two sleds is like comparing a geo metro to a corvette
I here the new 440's really rock though. 10 yr old technology. I also have a 79 jag 340 free air. and that sled sat outside for like two years and it still starts after afew pulls. old gas and all. I know you werent bashing jags, i just thought that i would state my experiences with them. If i were riding across the country, i would probally pick my jag over my zrt, #1 reason would be because i would have to take out a loan to buy the gas for the zrt. hehehe. l8ter

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1996 ZRT 600
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man this is so great!!!!I love it!!! everyone getting all pumped up. your little twin can pull 110 on the speedo or radar? you either have an early 700single pipe or early 800stock? with my fat butt I can pull 107 consistantly on radar in 1000' in trail form!!!!!!! we wont give no one head starts. maybe next year someone can have a big bad 900 cat and then we can have some fun!!!!!
man if anyone of you people can come up or down here on a weekday afternoon that would be so great we can play on the lakes a little then ride like animals on the trail around here. the trails are nothing special just that during the week they are smooooooooth and fast. you can go from rush city to north branch to isanti up to cambridge back to rush city. it is an adreniline rush. that would be great!!!!!

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