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High test fuel for a CAT

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My buddy has 1998 ZR 600 EFI (Stock). Can he run high test fuel? Thanks guys. Mark in Ontario
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Race gas?? if it is then unleaded shouldn't be a problem but I wouldn't recomend leaded becuase it requires more frequient engine rebuilds, and more spark plugs. High test fuel won't do much without adjusting timing.

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won't do a lot for him but yeah. Airports have good high grade fuel.
no no no not aviation gas. Real race gas if your go'n do it. Expensive though. I pay $3/gallon for my bike. Do some other mod to get power, be cheaper and get more power. Race gas is for after the mods are done.
Sorry guys..should've read high octane. Apparently there's a sticxker on the sled saying "run regular fuel only" what's up with that?"
its the timeing setting! if you advance the timing or run high compression, N2O or Turbo/blower you need a higher octane.
It wont help a stock sled and may hamper the performance by causeing a rich condition!

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I can't see premium fuel doing damage to a sled. Premium fuel has a higher burning point and is required for higher compression engines to prevent pre-ignition or detonation damage. That is the air fuel mixture igniting from the heat created by compressing the mixture prior to the ignition system providing the spark.
On my 800 87 octane minimum is required, I only use premium fuel with 92 or 93 octane.

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last time i rode i ran 2 tankfuls through my sled, the first tank i ran sunoco ultra 94 octane, the second tank i ran mid grade 89 octane, and i saw no diffrance what so ever, i think they just want you to run gas with a higher octane rating than 87 or so the manual states, also they say stay away from white gas or methonal gas, lets face it most sleds are like 7or 8 to 1 compression ratio so gas dosent make much diffrance, maybe just a placeibo effect but me personally i noticed no diffrance one way or the other.

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