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i was watchin the x games and hillcross, and i think i found my calling. ok, so in theory i found it. it was the same last year too. i just love hillcross, and given the choice to try either that or snocross, i think i'd have to go with the hill- just looks so fun!

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Last year many people thought that it would be fun to try landing skis first in hill cross. One race there were 2 people one after the other that landed skis first. I think it would be cool to try but not a career for me.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
I just want to make a career wrenching on those sleds. Not the greatest but it is a living. Besides I am sure I would get to take a rip on them every once and a while. Adn get inside tips for working my own sleds.
Yeah sled. Thats what I want to do.

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I was going to try my hand at snowcross next year in the sport class, but with not being able to ride at all this year I think I may have to rethink that plan.

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Yeah unless it is a late season race, then if you have snow you'll get some practice in before.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
mmmm, snow...

Dude, don't freak out.
snocross or hillcross there both wicked. i personally like snocross better just because there is more technicality and i find it makes for better racing
I would love to race hillcross over snowcross
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