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Now that it is warming up here, it's been -15* F. for three weeks, and the past ten days hasn't been above -20* F. with the past 6 being -30* F., I have been thinking more about riding my machine. Since I have many more studs in than last year, and with the massaging I've been doing to the motor, I worry about breaking a motor mount. Especially since MadCow told me he's broken about 6 on his 800.

I've had this WMS torque arm for quite awhile, had it on my Ultra SPX SE until I sold it two years ago. So far it has lived in my tool chest. I took it out and installed it in the XCR but the vibration numbed my toes within 2 miles of riding, and I removed it. I realized I needed to add some absorption somewhere in the thing. It has some hard plastic/rubber bushing in the right where it bolts to the plate installed in the electric starter mount holes on the engine block. This doesn't provide any dampening that I can detect.
So I used a motor mount. I chopped off part of the black tube and threaded part of the tube for the motor mount, leaving the rest for the Heim joint. I rethreaded the shortened side for the motor mount too. The mount uses 3/8" x 16 threads. So now I have the rotation afforded by the bushing on the right, with the all-plane rotation of the Heim, and the dampening effect of the motor mount in the middle. I believe it will work well due to the overall flexibility.

This sort of thing can be made for any machine with two Heim joints and a piece of aluminum tubing, a motor mount, and a piece of angle aluminum. Mount the angle to the electric start holes in the front of the engine block, and the rest is just figuring out where it should bolt up.

I posted this because much of the hassles people have with their sleds are clutch alignment related, and for those with high horsepower sleds, or those who just can't leave well enough alone.


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