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Thought I would let you guys know whats goin on.
Off trail has only a foot of snow so unless you want to hit rocks and whatever I wouldnt go explorin too much.
Groomed trail:
The bridge across the portage is open now. They dumped snow on it Monday night.
-Calumet area is thin and guys are nickin rocks and stuff here and there on the trails often.
-Copper Harbor has marginal snow but the trails are said to be well covered.
-Houghton / Hancock has decent snow on the trails and they are quite flat. Near town they are a bit thin. County trucks are said to be dumping snow near the portage trail for the Hotel riders.
-South Range Trails are pretty good and flat. The South Range gas station is CLOSED. The guy went bankrupt and there is nothing there so cross it off on your maps. We do however still have to good bars to get food.
All in all the trails are ok but dont be surprised at all to cut a couple chunks in your ski or dent a steel one. The DNR is out in full force checking papers and stickers so get them.
Soposed to get 3-5 inches tonight, 3-5 inches friday night

Oh and the Old hillcross hill in southrange is deffinetly climbable at your own risk. For the face you should have studs because its getting icy and dont take the Left side cuz the groove is washed out bad. The easyer back side is real rocky due to low snow so i wouldnt recomend it but its not to bad if you just burp it and let off to coast over the rocky spots.
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