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How can add more RPM

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How can i add more Top End RPM. Do i have some adjustments on the clutch or i need to change weight or others parts???? (Polaris XLT)
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What are your RPM's going to now? How much higher do you want them to go?

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is 8000, would like to have 8200 8300
The two clutches work together as a team to accelerate you at a RPM determined to be best by the manufacturer. If you exceed this you can actually loose a lot of power and torque. If your Rpm dropped, and thats why you want to increase it then something is wrong in the clutches. To answer your question the easiest way to increase top end rpm is to go with a lower angled helix . But you dont want to sacrifice accelaration so you need a progressive helix something like a 42-34 should get you about 200 more rpm than the stock 36 degree at the top end.
I hope you aren't going on a principle of the more RPMs the better. Sleds produce their best power in certain ranges. On the SXViper it is around 6300 to 6500 I believe. Have to check on that but it isn't important you understand what I am saying, least I hope so. Also most clutchs on the secondary they have multiple holes to place the end of the spring in. If you switch it into a differnt hole it adds or decreases RPMs slightly. Try moving it to a different hole then take a run. If it went down then move it to the oppossite way. If you are at the end and can't go anymore then I would do helixes.

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Thx for the advice.. Iwas thinking, more RPM more Speed
for a 200 rpm increase, take your helix off and tighten the spring by 1 hole, that will bring it up by about 200 rpm. If you lose performance (come out of your powerband) take the helix out and put it back.

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Tightening the spring will not put more pressure on the Belt and Decrease RPM??? I was thinking i need to losen the spring pressure for have more RPM
By increasing the spring pressure it is harder for the secondary sheeves to separate causing the belt to ride higher and alowing the RPMs to increase.
I just replaced the spring and helix on a friends Indy 500 tonight and moved the spring tighter by one hole. It seems to help the engine stay in it's power band better by delaying total upshift.

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Rtkat is right.

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OK, but if the belt stay high in the clutch, the speed will decrease. Well, its not i was thinking
Well, you could always try a little re-gearing in the chain case for more top speed. Otherwise, tripple pipes will raise the peak horsepower to a higher rpm, and ultimately more speed, and power. However, re-clutching is a must.
What's the difference between a 22/41 and 21/39 gear???? The ratio is the same but not the gear... It is better to have bigger gear for the same Ratio???
The difference between 22/41 and 21/39 is the 22/41 has a longer chain (I think)

Having 2 smaller sprockets would require a shorter chain.

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Hmm, I have no clue about clutches so I am just as clueless as anyone. I let dad take care of this stuff.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by fortress:

How can i add more Top End RPM. Do i have some adjustments on the clutch or i need to change weight or others parts???? (Polaris XLT)

I agree I would simply go with less helix smaller numbers but just the next size down from stock. If you want to regear I would drop my top sprocket down to a 20
I would not by pipes.
I had a 95 with pipes and a 20 tooth top sprocket and still never ran out of gear on top end but it had a great corner to corner or holeshot. but did the sled always run at 8000 or did this just start
you can email me I do clutching for speed running.
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