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how do i set my rotary valve

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can someone tell me how i am suppose to set the rotary valve on a 1979 ski doo blizzard 7500 plus
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do a search for "rotary valve" I know that a member has recently rebuilt a motor for one of his relations and had gone through this same thing, I'm sure that he will be willing to help you out!
i cant find that guy so i still dont know how someone please help
You need a manual, and a degree wheel. The manual will give you a few degrees you need to find and place the wheel between. But, there's a special way (What edge and direction) to turn the rotary valve and what not, hence the manual comes in handy.
is there an other way than getting a manual
i think i got it partly but when i start it, it will run then like its not getting enough gas it bogs out could that be cause i have not yet hit the right point on the rotary valve or do u think iam way off
As T650I said, get a manual, or atleast contact a Doo dealer
You need a degree wheel, TDC gauge, and the spec
Do you know if the RV is stock, or has it been changed, this also makes a difference in setting the RV
Sure guess, or do it right
do u think thats why it is somewhat running
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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