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Well first you need to get your picture file hosted somewhere....most internet service providers give you a small amount of web space to do this.....If you don't have this availible, you can send the picture to erick, or polaris-man and they will host it for you. After they have uploaded the picture they will tell you what the address of it is.

For an example I will use one of my pictures....

that is the address of the picture.....notice how it automatically makes it a link that you can click on.

Now if you want that picture to show up all you do is enclose the address of the picture in {img}{/img}
only replace the { and } with [ and ]

see when I do that.....

like magic the image appears!!! Any questions? If you are confused by this, you can just send me the pic and I will post it for you! [email protected]

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Yes, what intended said is exactly right. And if you cannot figure it out, just send the picture to him, me or erick

Erick - [email protected]
Me - [email protected]

And we will either give you the URL or we will post the picture for you.

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