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How does crankcase maintain pressure with multiple

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I am new to 2-strokes. I saw a demo on how 2-strokes build crankcase pressure and understood it but it was for a Single cylinder motorcylce app. My Question - seeing as though a mutilple cylinder shares the same crankcase space - how does the crankcase ever build and maintain pressure with mutilple cylinders if one cylinder is going up while the other is going down. It would seem that one cylinder would work against the other .It would also seem to me that the backpressure on the exhaust stroke would conflict with what the other cylinder is doing. Any help in understanding ?
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you are right in every aspect. But on a two stroke, the crankcase is sealed from cylender to cylender. There is a seal on teh crankshaft to section off the case for each cylinder...

heh. i spelled cylinder two different ways in one post!

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