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how fast is eveyones 600cc sled?

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how fast is your 600cc sled?
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ha w/e, maybe you should put the pipe down if your gonna sit there and say i dont know what a blade snowmobile is. when your paying 13 to 14 grand for a sled.
Originally posted by Darkstar
[br]The blade has a polaris engine. It isnt hitting 120. As stated before put the pipe down, especially if you think a 500 is going to hit 110. Guess you dont know what blade sleds are...
My XLT is lucky to see 100mph these days. I'm more concerned about how fast I can get there, not how fast I can go.
My 01 600 runs 96mph on speedo across a field with 4-5inchs of snow.. Not sure how you guys are getting 110-120 out of yours as I have never seen a stock 600 twin go that fast.
You can get quite abit more speed up on a long ice run with a short paddled track. I have seen just below 110 on my speedo, don't know what actual was though probably about 100.
Originally posted by teamnastybeast
[br]ha w/e, maybe you should put the pipe down if your gonna sit there and say i dont know what a blade snowmobile is. when your paying 13 to 14 grand for a sled.
Originally posted by Darkstar
[br]The blade has a polaris engine. It isnt hitting 120. As stated before put the pipe down, especially if you think a 500 is going to hit 110. Guess you dont know what blade sleds are...
You aren't paying 13-14 grand for an engine, you are paying that much for what is supposed to be top of the line in suspension, chassis and ride. It's still a 600 liberty engine wrapped in an A Arm chassis.

How many people race blade snowmobiles???? IF they were capable of 120 dont you think more people would run them in a stock 600 race.... I know I would. For that matter I would race it in any stock 600-800 class. 120 out of a stock 600 isnt going to happen. Expensive doesnt always mean fast.
107MPH in 1/4 mile on my 1996 ZRT 600 when I set it up for racing, oh that was on radar.
Originally posted by teamnastybeast
[br]yea the 600 blades run 120 on a lake i know that
I intentionally have not opened this thread since I know it would be full of stuff like this!
All I have to say is pass that sh*t around!![ROFL]
A 500 hitting 110 this is getting rediculous!! Lets see some facts[Slap]

Originally posted by teamnastybeast
[br]blade snowmobile's will do 120. i guess you guys dont know what blade sleds are but if ou guys knew what they are you would know the do 120. fivehundred's will do 110 without studs. studs slow the sled way down.
I went to their web site since I have not looked at it lately - but like I remember they only build 700 & 800 cc sleds so how did you see this 600 that will do 120 mph??? Additionally look at the HP rating for the 700 & 800. I am not sure that 800 will break 120 on the dream O meter......So who does not know what??[8D]



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We have a 98 XC 600 twin, bone stock, Speedo read 108mph. Most speedos are off 5 to 10 mph. So I feel it is realistically 98 to 103mph. Wait til next year, have a set of big block 700 cylinders and SLP twin pipes, V-Force reeds, boost bottle, porting, cheater heads, Lectron 44's carbs with the 600 decals on the outside. Should be arounf 150 to 155hp, real sleeper.
I've had my 95 XLT since new and it has run at its best on glare ice at -5°f 100mph and the speedo read 115/118. So dont believe your dream-o-meter... GPS it ! or radar it ! its the only way to realy know.
ehhh men, tripplethret. your not going to see speeds as fast running in snow, vs. running on ice. that 100mph run you had, if you were in snow, depending on if it was hard pac or fuffy stuff could cut you down probably 10 mph. or more. have also seen guys at radar runs saying there speedo's were 10-20 mph different than what the timing system showed, not saying there all off that far.
the most ive seen out of my XC 600 was 105 speedo reading, and it was done pushing. in a 660' speedrun with perfect conditions (hardpack and around 0 degrees farenheit) it was clocked at 81mph, but there is no way i would ever see more than 105 (speedo) from it.
Speaking of 600 s going fast i heard a funny story this weekend about a kid who had an old jag because it was light and cheap and he lived in iowa were they mostly ditch bang. Well his buddy had an 02 600 xc sp. The guy with the jag never straped on his helmet because he never was going very fast. But then he took his buddys sled across the feild and he said when he got it up to about 80 his helmet went flying off because he never strapped it on.
^^^i can only unstrap my helmet on the 4 wheeler if i tryed that on my sled it would never be on it would fly off right away.
On my XCR800 at about 120mph, my goggles start to lift off my face. If I'm not completely behind the windshield they fly off the helmet but the tape on back keeps em dangling. I ride with just a 3/4 helmet and goggles, you get the most vision that way
On my old '96 XLT SP, I had it up to 105MPH according to the speedo. I was figuring about 100MPH. The speedos aren't that accurate.I'm not sure what my new (used) sled will do yet though. I didn't really get a chance to really take it out when I bought it this last march.I imagine about the same. It's a 2000 Polaris Indy Triumph. Pretty much the same motor as the XLT, but they fixed all the problems the XLT motors were having.
i have a 93 xlt that is clutched, heads, and jetted for really cold wether.. hit about 115-120 ont he speedo and got passed by a mxz-600 HO REV and a MXz800 Rev.. so idk ho fast it really was.. im guessing about 100
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Originally posted by XCR HYPER TRIPLE
[br]There is no way in my opinion a stock 600cc sled will do over 110mph. I would say to hit 106 - 110 mph you would need some good clutching.. Most do 95-105mph tops. Real mph not dream-o-meter.

just checked a site that runs 1500ft. and 2000 ft. speedruns. these are from different races through the winter. some of these are the top speed for the 600 stock class for that day. and these are run on ice, not in snow.
stock 600
Good post![:)] I have seen a 2002 600cc triple Yamaha stay side by side with a 2004 700cc twin that did 109mph on the gps though. I know the Yamaha was clutched and geared for top end and lost by about 5 or 6 sled lengths off the line to the 700. The Yamaha did catch up and stay dead even with the 700 all the way down the lake for about a 4000ft run. Never did see the Yamaha on the gps but did see the 700 gps 109mph at its very best. I also saw a 1997 XCR 600 triple pipe pull a 103mph on the gps stock.


i know most 600 will never do over a 105mph but i have seen xcr brothers 02 600 sxr run side by side with mine at 109mph which is fast for a 600 imo. also my buddies 97 xcr 600 triple pipe pull a 103mph in a 1000'. there are some fast 600 out there some motor are stronger than other and some lack power. smame as in cars some motors just dont seem to have the same power as others. i have seen some strong ford v8's and have seen some weak one just how they are care for and how the y wear i guess.

ps just thought i would post to help keep the forum active.

Most speedo's on snowmobiles are accurate, however the speed at which the track is spinning and the speed at which you are travelling are NOT the same. I would be thouroughly impressed if any "close-to-stock" 600 reached 100mph. I have had my spped burried around 112, but the GPS only registered a top speed of 94..
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