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How many rides this year?

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Hey I was just thinking about how little I have been riding this year, then I remebered you guys with no snow. How many rides has everyone been one and how many miles and so on. I've only been on about 3 rides all year and they have all been short: total of about 120 miles. And everytime except for about 1/2 of a day, the trails had dirt and rocks all over. Just wondering how much anyone else has been out.

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yep, crappy conditions for all of them. Total of about 300 miles. About 4 outings total.

iv been out probaly 5-6 times have 1,200+ miles and plan to put on another 5-600 this weekend . have done most of my ridding in and around northwest michigan with a couple trips to the u.p. trails have not been great this year have been much better the last couple of times but i had that brand new viper in the garage i would have put 1200 on the front lawn if i would have had too. to tell the truth i have about 12 miles of grass out of that 1200 . hey you get killer traction on grass(ha ha ) snow is here now and i plan on putting 2500 miles on it this year. i will need some luck i think..

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7 miles. 1 ooting.....unplowed city streets, 4 inches of fluffy power.....that was in middle december

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Yeah, this year has been er, ah I'm trying not to curse.I guess I got around 200 miles on my 340 Deluxe, and 430 miles on my Pro X 440.I think I rode 8 times.Early on I put 20 some miles on my 440 around the smooth fields next to my house on like 2" of snow for some easy break in miles.
It's snowing now, I hope we get some good snow soon, or I may freak out(again).

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about 300 miles, 4 outings, crappy winter here, but the good snow we did get, we wore out, got some good drift bashin pics as soon as i get them developed, ah and i too like the traction i get on grass!!
Once on lacal farms fields wiht old sled and up north monday wirh new slwed.
40 miles, 1 outing, central MN.........way back in November.

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800+ in about 5 decent trips, in 4 months. 2150 last year in 2 1/2 months. hmmm..........something doesn't add up here. oh that's right, SNOW!!!

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about 350 miles for me pretty poor winter up here
Well out of my 3 or 4 times out, only one ride has been very good. Still was dirty and rocky but it was fun...Lots of powerline riding. But most of them have sucked. Once we were stuck with a bunch of first time riders who were slower than hell. Then another time we had to go back cuz my little brother hit the back of me and broke the hinges on the hood. A couple of other times were okay but we didn't go for very long.

My dad went to the UP for all of last week and only rode for a total of 200 miles!!! That's right. He was with one of his new buddies who he promised to go on a ride with, and on the second day his buddy wrecked his sled. So they did a couple of short SHORT rides for the rest of the week. Usually my dad in a week in the UP can put on about 1,200 plus miles. No joke. He said it was the worst week of his life.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
I put about 200 on, we get about 3 inches and it melts and snows again and never stays. i only rode on my fields and on road sides, this year sucked for snow and my sled (needes major surjory$$) ya know?
4 outings with 2 to the U.P. Went through a pair of wear bars already but I had to ride my new Indy Triumph. I have about 700 miles on already and love that Polaris. Pray for snow!!!!!!!!1
Around 100. Just cruising around in the creek behind my house. Go visit friends and stuff. Only about 35 or so on my sled though.

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I got about a half a mile on the ground and 360 on the trailer. Not much fun paying for the thing in the winter and you can't ride it. I don't mind paying for it in the summer cause you know you cant ride it. I think that I am going to mod the thing this year for the grass drags. At least then I know that I can ride the thing.

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On my own sled (which I just got fixed about 2 wks ago) I've only got about 250 miles in three outings (one was for ice fishing)....pi$$ pore. Still holding out for a walop of snow in March.

Going on a county trip for the entire week, last week of this month (Aroostook County, northern Maine). That will be a blast! Tons of snow up there and trails as wide and flat as a highway! I'll be sure to take lots of pics and have them posted here. Should put on a lot of miles for that trip, going w/3 other buddies. Wives stay at home. Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!

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Did a lot of small runs so far this year .. we only really had continuous snow since mid. january, got 700km on so far, and hope to make another 700 before the snow is gone. Weather is starting to warm up here now :-(
50 miles for me and that was at TUG HILL in NY. Just don't feel it is worth my time to go up to Northern Michigan. It has been a crap shoot.
Nope I don't think that it would be worth yer time to come to Northern MI either. We haven't had all that much snow here, and still don't. The UP might have more, but I'm not sure. Petosky and Charleviox might have quite a bit still, but I don't know.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
Six rides this year but only 915 miles. Had to trailer about one hour each time. the conditions were very good each time. going to try again this weekend. hope to get past a 1000 miles.
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