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How ro give my sled more power

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[attachment=48379][attachment=48380] this is my 1999 ZL600EFI. I was wondering what would a aftermarket EFI chip do. If it increases hp, how much? And what would be the best way of adding more power.


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A single pipe and EFI chip, along with clutching is probably the way to go. I have the D&D Setup, and it opened up my (ZR) 600 significantly. I've read of others saying the same thing.

The pipe, chip, and a clutch kit will run you about $600 though. If you want to go cheap, there's always performance in a good clutch setup.

If money is not an issue, you could go with a 711 Predator kit, but that'll set you back $2500. [8)]
If money is not an issue, then a turbo is the way to go, your already ahead of the game with EFI too.

But on a serious note, like Quinlan said, a good clutch set up will make the biggest difference in my opinion for your application.

Why don't you tell us what type of riding you do and maybe some of the guys can chime in with a good set-up for you.
I like to ride fast, hit jumps. When i ride with my buddies i like to be the guy in the front. How can i just get the snap off the line.
clutch it and gear a couple teeth bigger on bottom
in conway massachusetts. [red]NO SWEARING[/red] ur SN for aol is bass bass.... is ur name george?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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