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how tight should my track and chin be?

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i am the guy with the 87 mx that goes 30 mph. i checked my chain and there is like 1" of play in the middle, and the track has like 2-3" of play in the middle. is this right? if not would it slow mw down?
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not sure bout the chain slack but i'm pretty sure that u have way to much slack in u'r track.....but, this will not cut off that much speed off the sled......just makes the track jump the sprocket........i would check u'r slides on u'r carbs and make sure they are opening all the way......for starters
that isn't way too much but it is too much. the track I mean

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Look in your manual or check with the dealer for these specs. I always thought track was
about 3/4 inch with a 10 pound weight on it and chain 1/4 each way.I'm pretty sure on the track but not the chain.

1999 XC500
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