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How to improve on a 77 Olympique

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What would I do to get more power out of a 77 Skidoo Olympique 340 Twin

Carb settings
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No offence man. But Indies right. The carb settings wont do much for you, and the other mods you mentioned (if you could find anything) would likely cost you as much as the machine did. Even if you did these inprovements it won't get you close to the power of the newer small machines. Sorry
No offence taking. I just figured if there was a way to mod this machine a little to get some more power. I dont want to spend a ton, just was figuring if there was a cheap way. I mean. Some guy just gave it to me. I tinkered and stuff, and with the help of the guys here, got it running.

I know I can bore out the cylinders, shave the heads, etc... that will help a bit. It is going to be my bombing around machine. FUN machine.

Thnx for the info

I will just play with my buddies 1990 Indy 650 ported, racing clutch. It is a fun little toy

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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