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I made a new convert today! My Wife!

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I took my XC 800 out today and taught my wife to ride. She has never ridden a sled before. She thought it was Great! I had a hard time selling her on the 800, but the price won the day. I only have the one sled, but.......... When we were done, she told me we needed two. Is that a sell or what! I couldn't have planned it better. She couldn't start it due to the intense pull on the XC 800. It took me around ten pulls this morning when it was cold though. Next month I buy her a used sled. Any thoughts?

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Great! The more they like it, the more you can spend, and the happier everyone will be! When or if I get married, I will make sure my wife rides!

Good stuff man. You have the perfect woman. I let my girlfriend of 2 years ride my XLT last year and she put it into my garage door, so needless to say i didnt let her drive it again. No damage though. I think that you should buy the wife an XLT. GRRREEEEAAAAATTTT SLED!!!!!!!!

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yes, you wont be burnin up those "kitchen Passes" to go sleddin now! anyways, after my incident with about throwing my girlfriend/wife off the back of my sled last year, she seems to want to climb on again, which is fine. but i keep telling her we need to get a sled for her, but who knows, maybe she will see the light and we will aquire another XLT, or i will get a new xc sp and she can have the xlt.
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