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I saw Dustin Wahl today

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Dustin was riding awesome at eagle river this year
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Who does he ride for?

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Polaris of course!! Ice Oval Racing!! He Races for Wahl brothers racing
yeah his dad is Dave Wahl and Terry Wahl is his cousin
You people gotta know this kid!! Especially the canadians!! Lots of ice oval racing up there!!! Bosejour, Velcourt?? ring a bell??
I was gonna go to the Ice Oval is Beausejour one year but I had a hockey tournament over it.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
I seen him too, I even talked to him!

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geeezzze that must be nice lol
Yeah, it is nice. You are very observant. You see him more than I do, tisk tisk.

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Yea SMITH!!! You got all the same classes as him dont u?!! I talk to him to, ask him for sponsorship couple times a week, never seem to get any confidence out of the kid though!!
yeah all exept for 1 i ask him for sponsorship every once in a while he hooks me up every once in a while. pretty good guy
Damn kid never hooks me up!! Can't even get stickers from the kid!!
does it count if you have classes with him- just curious
Does what count?!
exactly what i said, does it count that you saw him if you are in school with him.........
I've saw him race...that must count!
hey i'v saw him race and i have been out to his shop many times so that has to count
well i guess that counts then, but it sounds like you two know each other, not just a by chance meeting, so i guess your at an unfair advantage, thats all i was saying.
Yea you could say that!! Most die-hard race fans like ourselves know what Wahl Bros. racing is though. May not know him exactly since he is only 16, but they know what the program is all about.
yeah he hooked me up with number and a lot of stickers today
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