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ice racing

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anyone race out on the ice? i tried, and got smoked all day sunday. just wondering how many studs are best for ice racing and what kind of studs are the best. plus any other tips would be nice

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The number of studs to use are dependant on the the HP of your sled.
A general rule would be:
500-600cc performance sleds 96-144
700 cc performance sled 168
800 cc performance sled 192
800cc or higher high perf. 240
If the engine is built much past stock you would want to go with the next higher number.

As for the type of studs, there are specific studs for running on ice. Ice picks are very pointed and usually not carbide tipped. Although these studs might be great for ice racing they wont hold up well for general trail riding with all the road crossings they will wear quickly.

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