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before you go speeding up your idle, did the sled just change this past year or did it always have a slow idle. If it has just changed, then change spark plugs and clean the carbs. Otherwise if it has always been a slow idler then you will have to turn in the adjusting screw(s) will have one per carb, or will have one that adjusts both carbs at the same time. Should be located on the side of the carb with the head of the screw knurled so that it can be adjusted by hand. Turn it in a little bit at a time, and be sure to turn the screws on each carb this situation a picture would be worth a thousand words in describing location but i dont have one to refrence to. Maybe somone else out there has a pic to refrence to.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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