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in the market for a new sled, any suggestions

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I want a new sled but nothing too expensive. I was looking at the indy 500, pro-x 440, and supersport 550. Not looking only at polaris but they seem like they have the best price, any suggestions would be great
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It all depends on what you want to spend and what type of rider you are?
what kinds of conditions do you ride? and of course what are you looking to spend? what do you want(speed, ride comfort, jumping)?
I don't wanna spend more than like $4500. One thing I am looking for is good acceleration. I dont care if the top end isn't so great. I also want a light sled, with good suspension. I can get a brand new 2002 super sport for only $3850
My buddy bought the 550 super sport,I paid 500 more for a MXZ 500 sport.Mine is superi9or in evry way,worth more than the 500 differrence.He is not happy with his suspension.
i didn't realize you could get an mxz 500 sport for only $4300
left over maybe you could and I have never ridden an MXZ but I don't think the suspension is superior to an Edge. I am not a Polaris fan really but the Edge is just plain nice.
The edge is nice, but the 550 fan engine sucks. The top speed is horrible. Anything liquid in the edge is great.

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what engine do you think has more jump, the indy 500 liquid or the super sport's 550 fan
what do you mean Indy 500 liquid? there is no Indy sleds anymore. There is the XC 500 and the XC 500 SP. If thats what you mean either of the XC 500s has plenty more than the 550ss. THe XC 500 SP is the hottest of the 3 engines.
accualy them make a plain old indy 500. (unless they drop them in 2003 but i know for a fact they had them in 2002 They have a 500 liquid in them i use to have one mine did about a 100 but it wasent stock either.
oh wow. Your right I just checked it out. I am absolute it has more punch than the 550 SS.
ya thats what i was thinking, but do u think the indy 500 has more acceleration than the super sport
i heard that super sport has pretty good acceleration
I would be almost 100% it does. I don't know HP or Torque numbers though.
I recommend not getting the Super Sport 550. They have been having a lot of trouble with the engines. I would gett a liquid. An XC 500 or XC 500 SP would be great. They SP has around 98 HP. They can keep up with a lot of bigger sleds. They have great acceleration and pretty good top end. They are also very reliable.

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