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info on used sled

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Hi, new member and fairly new to the sport( been out of it for many years).
I currently have 2 arctic cat couger 550's. Looking at a 1990 AC pantara 440 two up for my kids to ride. It has 5600mls and looks like new! Anyone have an opinion on this model.(good,bad, just OK??) The dealer wants $1300.
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1990 is really no that old condisering that I have a polaris trail here that is older and can keep up with just about anything. If it looks like new then it was probably taken care of in its lifetime. It is the right size for te kids and all and there is plenty of room on there for them. The price seems good to me. I would probably go for it if I was in your shoes. Mabye other people here have some stuff to say.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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