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Hey guys,

I inherited my Dads sled back when he passed in 2009. My Dad was a mechanic and had it in great condition and constant maintenance until then.

I was 13 then and had no idea how to keep it going. I've learned a lot but still have lots to learn.

Anyways I basically drove it into the ground back in 2016 after doing the minimum to keep it alive. (I did the chaincase once, sprayed the carbs, made sure fluids were full, and fogged the engine at end of season). Until I blew the motor. Since then it was sitting on my trailer in pieces following me around from place to place.

I just had a new engine built by CV Tech. My buddies helped me put it in. But its definitely not running how I remember. And I've definitely run out of money and need to learn how to work on it myself.

Huge things that would help me out to keep my Dad's memories going:

2002 Polaris Edge XC SP Twin

(Advice and pointers on working on carbs)

Its running hot. I'm going to go check the plugs to see if there is any white and it's running lean. What else can I check? How do I fix?

Must do immediate maintenance

Maintenance to do over summer

Where do I start with the chassis?

General advice and pointers.

BONUS: there is a very very tiny coolant leak on the clamp that holds the coolant rail on the crank case. Used new o rings and have it on tight but not stripped. It's kinda a Micky mouse design. Any pointers there ?

Can not express enough how grateful I am in advance ! This page has already been a huge life savour in finding good info and I dont know why I've waited so long to reach out and join.

I really want to learn more on how to work on the sled myself and any knowledge is so helpful.

Cheers and happy riding !
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