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interesting idea for clubs

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ok, ive been thinking...again, im not sure what erick or polarisman would think, but i see alot of users on here, and im sure most of us already belong to a club, but what are everyones thoughts on starting a worldwide SNOWMOBILE FANATICS sled club? existing clubs could become an affiliate chapter, then we could post here what our chapters are up to, get some sort of cool patch design that each club would be responsible for,
ive also thought about a sled rally type of thingy, but time and money for most of us probably wouldnt permit. lets see everyones thoughts, but its up to the site creators- erick and polaris man, im interested in what they have to say,

until then, more details to come.........
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That would be pretty sweet, I dunno how we'd get something like that going though.

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It is a very interesting idea to me too. I just don't know how we would go about starting something like this. It would require a lot of time and planning, plus cooperation......

i think it sounds like an awesome idea. the best way to get a club started and to get the most interest in it would be to advertise a big rally on this site and have that as the first "action" of the club...

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I say just pick a weekend and a place (U.P.?) and see who wants to ride. Get some rooms, a plan of where to go, and there you have it. I think it would be fun.

I want to ride every day, all day, as fast as I can.
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