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Demand Media, which recorded its S-1 regulatory filing in August, today China wholesale introduced a modified version is likely to allow you to move quickly to an initial public offering.

The new version of the company's online content was updated financial information for the third quarter.

The demand now must now wait for the Securities China wholesaleand Exchange Commission to approve the submission, after which the executives of the Santa Monica, California based on immediate demand to tour for several weeks to try to convince investors to jump on board.

So if there is enough interest, the IPO is likely before the holidays.

submission of the initial demand wasChina wholesale to raise $ 125 million to a reported 1.5 billion U.S. dollars of valuation.

You can read the complete presentation here, which shows a better performance of the application.

In its latest filing, said the lawsuit has China wholesale generated revenue from advertising and business domain of 179.4 million dollars in the first nine months of this year and had a net loss of $ 6.4 million.
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