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Just a heads up for anyone that might be going to the Iron Mountain area in the U.P. for an early winter ride. Saw this article in a local IM paper.

Snowmobile trail closed until late December

Staff Writer
IRON MOUNTAIN — A section of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Snowmobile Trail No. 2 in Dickinson County will be closed for the initial weeks of the upcoming snowmobile season, officials announced.
The Menominee River snowmobile bridge, a 450-foot span over the river which divides Michigan and Wisconsin near Iron Mountain, was destroyed by fire on Oct. 14. The cause of the fire was determined to be the result of arson by a state fire investigator. An investigation into the incident is continuing.
Efforts are currently under way to repair the damaged section of the bridge. The damage encompasses about 60 feet in the center of the bridge.
“Although the repair process is ongoing, the work will not be completed until late December,” said Richard Ahnen, Norway DNR Field Office Fire Supervisor.
“As a result of the work being done on the bridge, we will need to re-route snowmobile traffic onto other routes. This will pose an inconvenience for Michigan and Wisconsin snowmobilers, but will still allow them to move through the area and access services,” said Ahnen.
Those planning to ride Trail No. 2 through the Iron Mountain area should watch for signs indicating the alternative route, which will circle around the Iron Mountain area, utilizing Trail No. 113 and Trail No. 5.
Snowmobilers are advised to obtain a copy of the DNR’s Snowmobile Trail Map No. 1 in order to plan their course of travel through the area.

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