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the sled is my 98 poo ultra and noticed the other day when we were out riding and stopped for a smoke that when it is sitting there idling it would make a noise like "click,click" and when it makes the noise the idle will go up a couple hundred rpm for a split second then come back down, after a few seconds it would click twice again and as soon as it does the idle goes up then down again...doesnt seem to do it every time i stop and let it idle, only sometimes.. sounds like it is coming from the motor which im sure it is since the sled is just sitting there idling... i have no idea what this may be but i hope its nothing serious..the only other thing i noticed was that the dummy light on the dash for when the highbeam is on, doesnt light up anymore, i doubt that is related but it seemed to happen around the same time so i thought id throw it out there.. im not even sure where to start looking so was hoping someone else has experienced this?? im open to any and all suggestions..
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