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Is your sled ready?

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Does everyone have their sled ready for the snow?
I have some more yellow accessories and handlebar hooks to put on mine still.
It will be ready when the snow flies.

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(sigh) Good thing we don't have snow here yet. Still working on sleds and trailer.

The 4 place trailer is coming along. 8' X 18'. Just finished the 2' extension and widening. Stripped and painted it. Replace the rims with aluminum mags. 3/4 way through wiring it with tandem elec. brakes. Still have to deck it and then put the ski rails, traction and tie downs on before it will be ready. Another 2 weeks on that I figure.

Still have to put one of the XLTs back together. Replaced rear susp. shocks and both water hoses as well as the steering heim joints. Clutches are next. Then do the same for the other XLT.

Also putting paddles on the old Moto-Ski. Lots of power for a 500 but no traction. It's like a belt sander!!
Used to be a liquid cooled motor so to get more clearance have to remove the heat exhangers from under the tunnel to make room for the paddles.

Then, if the 99 Mountain max comes through....

Doh, now I'm just depressed!!

Well at least there is lots to do to keep my mind off the no snow situation.


Lest we forget...... 09/11/01
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Howdy 2K, yeah, sure is quiet around here!

Just got word today that the repo company has to wait 3 weeks before they can release it. I went and took a look at it over the weekend. It's been abused for sure.

Broken tie rod
Dented trailing arm
Hood hinges broken
Seat torn
Tail light cracked

But the motor started first pull and didn't sound like it was in bad shape.

All electrics were working except starter.

Suspension in the rear looks fine but doesn't have the kit that moves it back or extends it.

Anyway, I put a bid in for $551 cdn. LOL see if they bite. I should know around the end of the month if I'll win it. I figure as is, it might we worth about 2000 cdn or so. I know someone in the company so they should be able to get me bid info as it goes on. Would be a nice treat to get if for real cheap!!


Lest we forget...... 09/11/01
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Howdy, Powdygirl!

Great site you have. Cute girl you have there.

Now go take some pics of that sweet sled!!



Lest we forget...... 09/11/01

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