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It wont get up and go

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My 95 XCR tripple has recently been ran into a dranage ditch at 35 Mph but no engin damage i think it has good low tork but at 40 it starts to boog. it started a wile ago and now it wont open up it only goes about 50 boogin all the way. could it be the rings or just need a tune up???
Any ideas
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Wow! this could be so many things. I can help you but need more info. did it run fine before the accident , was the machine submerged , how many miles ect.
I would start at the belt. Check the sheaves on the rear clutch, is your belt riding just a bit over the top? or is it sunk in between the sheaves, if it is sunk in, it needs to be adjusted up. Are the the weights free on the primary? If they are gummed up and not moving freely, they also need to be cleaned and lubed.

To add to what Runner said, depending on how hard you hit the ditch, you should check clutch alignment and make sure you havent bent or broken any motor mounts and that your torque adjuster that sits against the motor mount is adjusted correctly. Also make sure your rear suspension and track arent binding.

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I hit hard enough to fly over the handle bars, no water got in it. thats a good idea to check the suspenshion and track. I fixed the front end as good as possible and put an xlt hood and nose cone on it.
I cleaned the carbs and just have to put together and hopfully it will work, the belt is brand new. It was starting to boog befor but i just had to give it to get back up to speed. I will check the clutches to
Any ideas on how to post digital pics. of my sled?
Do you have pictures? Send them to Polaris-Man [email protected] or me at [email protected] We wil upload them and give you the URL to post.

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check the exhaust pipe under the sled to see if its pinched.

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I cleaned the carbs and the fuel pump the pump was very dirty. The sled goes about 110 right now on packed trailes but it boogs when in any the powder I think the manifold right off the engine is pinched on the two outer cylanders
Thanks spaceman
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