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jack shaft lube.....

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Yeah I know how that sounds, but seriously how, and how often should i do this to my sled? I only bought these sleds this month so I'm not up on all the maitenance yet. Thx and by the way....WHERE IS ALL THE F**KING SNOW!!

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I would think every 1000 miles or once a year would be enough.

Hey, you could never use enough lube on your jackshaft!

Use low temp grease or slick 50 all purpose grease every 1000 miles and before summer storage.

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hey im new to this stuff too, what do i need to do to my 87 ac jag to lube the jack shaft, do i need to tear it all apart to lube it ? i assume its just bearings? that the shaft rotates on? if there sealed bearings how do you lube them? id like to do mine, before the snow flys.

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A word of advice, don't put low temp grease in your jackshaft/driveshaft bearings. These rotate at high speeds, and get hot. Then low temp doesn't help too much. Multi-purpose grease on these bearings, or Performance grease. Low temp in suspension parts only.

If the bearings are sealed, you can grease them by using a needle attatchment on your grease gun. Then you slide the needle by the rubber seal on the bearing (not thru the seal) Also be careful not to peel the seal off.

On the Jag, I think all you have to do is take the secondary clutch off (the back one) then you can access the bearings.

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will using high-temp grease on suspention components hurt anything?

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It won't do damage itself, but it won't protect like low temp grease would. Low temp grease is "greasy" at a low temp, and high temp grease turns almost into a solid, so your bearings will most likely wear out as if you were using nothing.

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