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I just bought a brand new 02 xc700. It came from the factory with 500 main jets. I will be riding in low elevations with temperatures around the -10 C or around 10 F. I noticed that the 2003 have 460 mains and also so on the xc800. Im not quite sure why the 2002 have been jetted so rich. Does anyone have any suggestions on main jet size and needle positions. There are times when I will be running in -25C (-10F?) and I dont want to lean out but it just seems odd that 2002 is the only model year jetted so fat.

I also read that I should check out the TPS voltage cause on many sleds it came shipped from the factory with incorrect voltage which could lead to leaning out and detonation not to mention running real hot. Has anyone encountered this problem?

I havent even run the sled yet but I wanna make sure I got bugs all lined up so I know how to fix them.

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