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Jumping Tips?

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If you guys could give me some jumping tips that'd be cool, I know the throttle it if you tip down or brake if your up to far but, if you guys know any more please tell me, because I took this huge jump yesterday and jarred my back pretty bad, thanks.

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Get your butt off the seat man....that's one way to hurt your back for sure!

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If you are hitting big air jumps makes sure you have a landing ramp.
Always remeber to stand up, try to hit the jump squared up(strait as possible), keep a steady throttle on the approach, and try to pre-load a little for good air. If you do all of these you should be fine and not have to make any adjustment in the air - i.e braking or throttling up and like jb said a good landing is a must, good luck!

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yeah... Here is what i've learned to work good with my sled:

get to an even steady speed, just slightly lower than what you plan to hit the jump at. When you get at the base of the jump, gas it up the face. Then I let off while i'm in the air, and the sled stays perfectly level.

Yea that's what i usually do, except on straight up cornices, it doesn't always work like that, I used those tips today, thanks guys, but sadly my sled burnt down, had to haul it back about 35 miles, but without the belt it dragged along easy, Got some great cornice jumping in, but it was a white out so we stayed fairly close, well let's just hope it wasn't anything to big that screwed up! Already spent enough on the stupid thing to get it to run good.

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