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just a quick story

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there is a guy around here that went to yellowstone. He is a crazy rider and wrecked his sled. He made videos of him riding. So he went back down to his base and went and rented a sled for the next day, usualy $100 deposit or whatever. So that night at the bar they wre showing his videos, next day when he went to pick up his sled, the guy asked him if he was they guy in the movies in the bar, he said ya, he had to pay a $2000 deposit to take the sled out that day

extreme rider???

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that sucks. Don't they have to sign a contract that says they will pay for damages or whatever? Never rented a seld.
oops. Damn sled renters

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ive never rented either, but i have read that you buy insurance for it per day, and you have to pay a deposit on the insurance, usually between $50-$200 per day, im thinkin instead of a deposit it was like a premium that u get back if u return the sled in one piece, still....extreme....

Ready to Ride...NEED SNOW!!!!!!...if you have snow, i hate you...
hehe good story!

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