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Just back from the U.P.

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7 days of riding. OOOOHHHHH YYYYAAAAA It was great, rode out of Munising, the trails were great for the most part.Nobody was up there till the 17th and they were grooming the trails every night. A couple of nights we ate at the Bear Trap and left at around 8:00 and met the Seney groomer a mile from the 'Trap and roared bump free all the way to Seney and never saw a sled. The trail to Grand Marias was sweet each time we rode it too! The U.P. was getting crowded when we left, must be everyone goin up for this weekend.
We had a few problems on the sleighs, my worn out secondery finally gave up, so I got the new roller I've been wanting. Sparky's clutch grenaded and tore a hole in the belly pan, it was wild, he limped it back to the bar and we got one of our riding buddies to come get it{thanks Butch} put a new one on in the morning and went back out.Then my stator started Efin- up, so I parked it and took Scotty Dee's 700 EDGE out and rode it like I stole it J/K. its real nice, if it came in green I'd think about gettin' one.It was so good I could pass GOD in the tight woods trails.Anyways it was a great trip with great friends and we met alot of fun I gotta get wrenchin' to go again Later

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Elyria, Ohio
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