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just got back from the black hills

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spent the weekend there, and got in two good days of riding. we didn't spend too much time on the trails, especially since they got really rough by mid-afternoon. the off-trail riding was pretty awesome. plenty of snow, only complaint is there was no base so my track got to know a lot of stumps. it did rip some lugs, haven't looked to close yet, hope it isn't too bad. on my dad's 2000 sks he lost a rear bogey wheel, anybody else done this? it cut his day short on saturday, but we got it fixed for sunday. all in all it was a great trip, even if my sled only pulled 6 mpg. at least it gor some pre-summer exercise. :)

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It sure is nice to hear somebody is having some fun in the snow, amidst all this awful weather. Sounds like a good time! Got any pics?

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my aunt and cousin got some, but i don't know when they'll get em back. when they do i'll try to get em up here. there are some when we got stuck pretty good, and some doing no-handers and piddly stuff like that. me and my cousin were gonna get one jumping off a cornice together looking at each other, but we never got around to it. hopefully they turn out.

There's no stopping Arctic Cat........ REALLY!!

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Sounds awsome! I can't wait to see the pictures from the trip.

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Yeah post em I want to see em to.

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