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I followed Mad Cow's advice and got a SLP 50/34 Helix and a Polaris Silver/blue secondary spring for my XLT touring and it really seemed to wake up that big heavy sled. I noticed much better aceleration and nearly instantaneous downshifting since I am running the spring in the 3rd hole.

Yesterday I went out and bought a low mileage (22XX miles 2002 Polaris XCSP 600) with reverse. I heard that they are clutched pretty good from the factory (Blue spring with white stripe 10-58 weights. Secondary is Silver/blue spring/r-11 Helix ) and I was wondering if you could improve on this set up for trail riding. I like a good hole shot and aceleration and a responsive sled for trail riding that down shifts quickly since most trails I ride are in heavily wooded areas and are often quite curvy with occaisional open feilds to dart across and my old XLT touring with the stock mushy red secondary spring was not to peppy out of the corners originally. I seldom go more than 70mph since the speed limit is 50mph on the trails in Minnesota so I am not looking for clutching for best top speed.

Would changing out the stock r-11 Helix to a Black anodized SLP 50/34 Helix improve the aceleration and running the spring in the 3rd hole on the helix improve the back shift over the stock clutching? Or should I choose another helix with a different angle that would be better and which one? Some people said that the best helix made for this machine was a Hotseat HSP 34X (simular to 50/34) which is no longer being made.


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