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What is the right size k&n filter i need to put on my 93 xlt? I got ones to day and tried to put them on but there to big. What size do i need? the smallest one in dk is 57 mm and i have 62`s right now. Do i need to get the 57`s?
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not really. they just list from 57 to 62 mm. thats it no years no makes no nothing.i got a 62 to big
maybe you want to measure the carb diameter???

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i think i found a universal one. its 2-1/16 inch diameter and my carb is 2 so i think it will fit.
I mean that K&N has filters meant for snowmobiles did you get those?
yup i just got 3 of them way to big. I think the universal ones will do. I will just send them back see what they got and if they don`t have any i will get my money and just buy a universal filter.
they will usally clamp 1/4'' less than the size they tell you so measure your carb first, also take in to account where your jackshaft is in relation to where your air cleaner may be they sell one with a 15 degree offset, and you may need it to clear your jackshaft.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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