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Kawasaki snowmobile?

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I have a guy thats trying to sell me what he says is a 440 Kaw. snowmobile motor but I can't find any info on these. Is there such a thing? I'm going to put it in a small buggy. Any info is appriciated. Thanks, Bruce
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sure is. Kawasaki made snowmobiles till about 82 I believe. I owned a 440 Kawasaki Invader '79. We put a Kawasaki 340 engine in it because the 440 was siezed. We got it from my Uncle and he didn't treat it too well.
sled dog is correct, kaw. made sled for a bit, not sure from when to when, i had a friend that had one, only thing he ever encountered was the track came apart, and he couldnt find a replacement, but if all your getting is the motor, im sure you should be able to find parts, just in case.
Parts for Kawasaki sleds are hard to come by. The Mfg. does'nt support the parts line anymore. Kaw. cylinders are notorious for flaking and chipping. Unless it's a great price , stay away from kawasaki sleds. I did'nt and they costed me alot of cash. Am I bitter .....Damn straight.

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Thanks you guys! I'm in so Cal. and I have to question why some one down here has snowmobile parts, although they are around. He wants $400, carbs to clutch, but I think I'll pass. This buggy will be used in the deserts and Glamis and I don't want to start with something that's obsulete. Check out our winter sports at Thanks again, I knew I found the right place! Bruce
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