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Went to LOTN last Thrusday am and stayed until Sat afternoon. It was terrific!
There was about 10 in on the ground when we got there, and we had 6 to 8 in of new "lake effect" snow during our visit. Had a full moon Friday nite, it was beautiful. Rode about 120 miles total. New toy ran great!!! Took better half for a ride on Sat morning. . . saw a Bald Eagle snacking on a deer carcass. What beautiful bird, had at least a 4 wing span, white head and tail!!
Brother-in-Law's brother hit a Doe on the way up. Went through the front of his covered trailer, missed the sled and the out the back!! Inside of trailer was full of hair, no sled damage luckily. Trailer was trashed! No one hurt!
Other than that, good time was had by all! Goin' up again for Martin Luther King weekend! Can't wait

kimba466 Ride Safe!
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